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Why work with a broker to sell your home?

The dynamics in the modern market present property owners with many ways through which they can sell their property. The property owners can decide to sell their properties on their own without involving third-parties, contact a commission-free agency, or a professional broker to sell the home on their behalf.

Each way has its own pros and cons, but the best bet among the three is working with a professional real estate broker. Here are the reasons why working with a professional real estate broker in Saint Laurent Montreal is the best option.


In the real marketing environment, negotiation is part of the buying and selling process. Although you will get offers for your full asking price, nobody will be willing to pay the amount without negotiating. A professional broker ensures that your interests come first in the negotiation process while respecting those of the buyer as well. At the end of the process, it will be a win-win scenario. Both the buyer and the seller will feel good about the deal.

Team Work

Selling a home isn’t an easy task. It is expensive and complicated. Going alone can be frustrating and may take longer to find a buyer. Teaming up with a broker means that you will be represented in the market and still be informed about every step of the selling process.


A professional broker is a valuable asset to any property owner. Brokers have vast experience and knowledge about the market which plays a vital role in determining how you sell your property.

Helps You to Choose the Best Price

When you decide that you want to sell your property in Saint Laurent Montreal, you will already be having a price tag in your mind. But is it the best price? Is it the right price? A professional broker analyzes the market trends in your specific area and weighs it against your property specifications and objectives before determining the best price for your home.


Professional brokers usually work within a professional system that will ensure you find the right buyer even before you announce the deal publicly. The network typically comprises of professional brokers who can match buyers and sellers need efficiently.

Why Should You Consider Working With Nick Nicolopoulos

After deciding that you are going to sell your property through a professional broker, you need to find one who will be mindful of your interests and has a competitive advantage over the rest in the market. Here are several reasons why you should work with Nick Nicolopoulos:

Access to Digital Savvy Tools

Nick understands the market dynamics, and knows where the potential buyers go when they need to buy a home. Nick has a deep understanding of the market, and will help you maximize the digital marketing tools to sell your home as fast as possible.

Maintains Professionalism

At Remax 3000 we know that our duty is to serve you, and we will do that in the most professional manner we can. Our customers are our priority, and our agents will always listen to you no matter how busy they may be.

Vast and Authentic Knowledge about Saint Laurent Montreal.

You will be surprised to learn that Nick Nicolopoulos has been living in Saint Laurent Montreal for over three decades, and has been selling homes here for over twenty years. Nick is the best when it comes to understanding and matching buyer and seller needs in the region.

Marketing Process

Nick will create a unique marketing strategy to sell your home faster. The strategy will feature the latest digital marketing tactics complemented with effective face-to-face marketing techniques.

What is the Content of Our Marketing Strategy?

We understand that marketing is all about good content. Nick’s typical marketing message will feature the following;

  • Advertising and marketing
  • Professional HDR photographs
  • Signage in front of your home
  • Video property tour
  • Professional images plus a copywriting highlighting the exceptional features of your property
  • Mortgage Calculator