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Tips on Preparing Your Home for Old Man Winter

Posted by ID3 Administrator on October 31, 2018
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Winterize homeWinter is almost here, and for most of the country, it means freezing temperatures, snow, ice, wind, and heavy jackets. Although the weather outside might be frightful, there are a lot of things that you can do to keep the inside of your home warmer and delightful.

If you fail to take the right measures to protect your home from the harsh weather elements, you will be in for a huge shock. Depending on which part of the country you live in, there are different ways of keeping the old man winter at bay. Follow these simple tips to ensure that your home is ready for the winter season.

Inspect All Your Windows and Doors for Leaks

To prevent heat loss during winter, make sure that your windows and doors are properly sealed. Take time to check the weather-stripping around your window and door frames and replace the stripping where necessary. You should also remember to check for caulk and drafts both inside and outside to make sure that you keep the heat inside and the cold outside.

Ensure That Your Furnace Is Working Properly

Make sure that your furnace is in good condition long before winter kicks in. The last thing that you will want is your furnace to malfunction in the middle of the cold season. Contact a heating specialist in advance for thorough inspection and maintenance.

A routine furnace maintenance and check each autumn will ensure that your furnace is running properly and efficiently. Also, if you are still using the old thermostat, consider replacing it with a programmable or smart thermostat that will help you save a lot of money on your heating costs.

Clean Your Gutters

Clear gutters play a critical role in your home since they help to drain your water away from the roof of your house. Clogged gutters, especially during the colder months, are susceptible to freezing which can cause additional blockages in your home.

Blocked gutters can also allow the melting of ice and snow which will seep into your roof or flood your foundation leading to water damage in your home. Therefore, make sure that you take some time before winter hits to clear out your gutters. Alternatively, you can contact a trusted roofing professional to clean your gutters.

Check Your Fireplace

Contact a professional to come and inspect your fireplace since you will need it most during the cold season. The fireplace specialist will clean and repair any problems that will be detected. Keep in mind that birds might have made a nest in your chimney without your knowledge which might turn into an awful surprise the first time you light a fire. Consider installing chimney balloons which are an inexpensive way to keep the cold air out whenever you aren’t using your fireplace.

Keep Your Roof in Top Shape

You need to remember the fact that even the best roofs can take a beating when the cold season sets in. To prevent any damage to your roof, make sure that you give it a thorough visual inspection by checking your shingles and the attic insulation. Ensure that you add attic insulation if need be to avoid the melting of snow and ice on your roof.

You could be in big trouble if you allow snow and ice to melt on your roof due to inadequate attic insulation since when the water re-freezes; it could create ice dams that could cause water to leak into your ceiling. If you are unable to inspect the roof by yourself, consider working with roofing professionals.